Laser product

Laser product

Important: If you supply products for sale on ODYODY, you must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and ODYODY policies applicable to those products and product listings.

ODYODY's policies require that certain laser products sold through the ODYODY website meet specified certification standards. In order to sell these products on ODYODY, you must apply by sending the following information to the email address listed in the table below:

  • Company name
  • Seller ID
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • A list of laser products ASINs you are applying to sell
  • Documentation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accession number for each of the ASINs you are applying to sell

Laser product definitions

Laser products incorporate a laser in the design. Laser products in hazard classes IIIB and IV are not authorized for sale by the FDA in the United Sates without a variance, which ODYODY does not currently support. ODYODY has developed safety policies for the following products:

  • Laser pointers, 303s and handheld laser pet toys
  • Laser presentation remotes
  • Non-handheld laser pet toys
  • Children's toys with lasers
  • Laser light shows and stage lighting
  • Garden laser projectors
  • Infrared illumination lasers for surveillance and security equipment

Laser pointers

Laser pointers are generally not allowed on ODYODY. A pen-shaped pointing device (usually powered by a battery) that contains a small diode laser that emits an intense beam of light. Handheld laser pet toys and 303s are variations of laser pointers. There are four classes of visible-beam lasers: Class 2, Class 3R, Class 3B, and Class 4.

Laser presentation remotes

A remote control device primarily used to control visual aids, such as a slide deck, in a group presentation. A low-powered laser pointer has been incorporated as an ancillary feature to direct attention during a presentation.

Non-handheld laser pet toys

A laser pet toy is a popular application of a laser pointer. Non-handheld laser pet toys are free-standing devices and can have a pet-themed shape. They should not have a pen shape. The laser beam provides stimulation to pets.

Children's toys with lasers

Applications of lasers in children's toys can vary widely. Common uses of lasers in children's toys are toy guns with laser range finders, spinning tops with spinning lights, laser light sabers, and toys which use lasers to create optical effects in a room. The FDA recommends that children's toys that incorporate lasers have a safety limit of hazard class I (1 mW output). ODYODY does not allow children's toys that incorporate lasers if they exceed hazard class I.

Laser light shows and stage lighting

Laser lighting displays (or laser light shows) involve the use of laser lights to entertain an audience. These laser beams are often projected and are generally incorporated into entertainment performances. The lasers used in these shows are regulated by the FDA and are often high-powered beams of light. The lasers used in these products can cause damage to eyes and skin if exposure to the beam occurs.

Garden laser projectors

These systems are weatherproof and come in a special outdoor housing. Often used for seasonal lighting effects, garden laser projectors and outdoor laser lighting have diffraction gratings to split a laser beam into numerous dots of light onto the projected surface which may move and change colors.

Infrared illumination lasers for surveillance and security equipment

Infrared (IR) lasers are capable of emitting intense light for long distances. These are often used for long-range distance illumination for night-vision cameras, security systems, and project light beams with a wavelength of 810 nm.